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Vacation is required. That’s why we pay for it.

Over the years, the definition of a “cool and progressive” company has changed. Do you want ping-pong tables in the break room, or do you want to have your vacation paid for?

Over the years, the definition of a “cool and progressive” company has changed. First, there were workplaces with conference rooms in treehouses. Next came the ping-pong tables, unlimited snacks, and Friday happy hours. Then came the unlimited vacation days and sabbatical programs. But really – do you really want to play ping-pong every day? And do you really want to stay late at the office on Friday nights? And do you think you’ll actually take full advantage of those unlimited vacation days without fear of getting the side-eye from your colleagues?

Attracting top talent is undoubtedly one of the toughest parts of running a business. And that top talent doesn’t care about all of those little novel add-ons. They want to work for an employer that provides a productive work environment, takes care of them financially, and cares about their well-being. And if you skimp on any of these things, it’ll be a hard pass on that offer letter. We want that offer letter to be accepted at Hellebore, so we’re doing all of that…and more.

Introducing: Paid-Paid Time Off

Though vacations may look a bit differently as the world grapples with COVID-19, they’re still incredibly important to take. “At Hellebore, we strive to provide an atmosphere of comradery and trust, but we know that sometimes you just need a break,” said John Farrier, CEO of Hellebore Consulting Group. “And you should absolutely take the break you need.”

Within our software work, Hellebore has adopted a philosophy of Live at Head. Within the software context, this means always using the latest software release to ensure you are not only current but that current software doesn’t become legacy software. What would this philosophy look like if applied to benefits?

The idea of Paid-Paid Time Off started to appear in startups around 2012. While this is a fantastic benefit for employees, the defense contracting industry has been very reluctant to adopt it. Hellebore believes that the way that legacy defense contractors approach benefits is inherently unsustainable. The days of big pensions, constricting leave policies, and striving to stay ahead of industry average isn’t enough. As we aim to attract top talent, we want to continue to strive to offer top benefits as well.

What is a paid-paid time off policy?

It’s a policy that basically pays you to go on vacation. It means we cover your vacation-related expenses – like airfare, train tickets, lodging, car rentals, and parking. “Not only do we want you to take vacation time, but we also want to make sure it’s a really nice vacation,” said Dan Squibb, COO of Hellebore Consulting Group. “Our paid-paid time off policy offers our full-time employees up to $5,000 to cover their vacation-related expenses.”

The only catch of Hellebore’s paid-paid time off policy? You have actually to take a vacation – not a staycation; you must disconnect from work (No emails, no conference calls. We actually recommend you disconnect from all technology); and you have to tell us about it when you get back. We want you to enjoy yourself: catch up with your out-of-town friends or family, take excursions you might not have considered before, and leave the financial stress of a nice vacation at home.

And by the way: If you’re interested in taking advantage of our paid-paid vacation policy, we’re hiring!

Update for 2022

We loved the paid-paid vacation policy, but as we grew in 2020 and 2021, it did not continue to meet the needs of the company or the staff.  The way people live, work, and vacation has changed.  Our policies are not static and can adjust to changes in the way our staff want to be compensated. 

At the beginning of 2022, we sunset the Paid-Paid Time Off policy and replaced it with an additional week of Paid Time Off.  As of this writing, we offer 5 weeks of Paid Time Off to every full time employee.  This gives everyone a little more flexibility in how they spend their time and scales well with the companys growth and the diverse range of people that we employ.


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