Scaling DevOps in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Scaling DevOps in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Increasingly, software engineering is moving to a multi-cloud environment. About 92% of enterprises have adopted a multi-cloud strategy, according to the 2021 Flexera State of the Cloud report. This strategy has opened the door to a massive array of options for developer teams that they need to be prepared to manage.

Infrastructure Complexity

With a more complex ecosystem, developers are increasingly tempted to make their DevOps environment more complex. How can developers turn multi-cloud operations from a liability into an asset?

The key to producing DevOps at scale in a multi-cloud environment is using Infrastructure as Code (IaC). While this concept is not new, enforcing the deployment of IaC across the board is critical.

Too many environments automate some of their processes, but not all. Even more, fail to keep IaC in version control. These cracks in the armor of your infrastructure deployment will create fissures that will quickly grow out of control.

Standards and Options

With multi-cloud environments, developer teams will experience the opportunity to leverage an extensive menu of options giving them the flexibility to implement solutions in the best way possible for their task. This flexibility, unfortunately, breeds complexity.

Teams should purposefully engineer solutions using standardized processes and toolsets. Deployed via IaC, these toolsets do not have to be perfect for every job. Compromises in performance or capability of any one tool or service for a specific use case can be accepted in the name of overall simplicity and scale.

Decision Records

When there is a justification for departure from the documented standards, the exception should be documented with an Architecture Decision Record (ADR). ADRs provide future individuals and teams a way to understand why decisions were made and the context they were made in. This will also help document the growing complexity of the DevOps environment and help inform an exit strategy being developed for any cloud or DevOps service.


Multi-cloud offers features, benefits, and pitfalls for a DevOps team. Managing this landscape can be complex, but sticking to core principles can ensure the team will continue to scale and deliver.

John Far​rier

John Far​rier

Chief Executive Officer

CEO, Hellebore Consulting Group. John has over 20 years of experience in building software for DoD organizations, leading organizational change, and building strong cultures.