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Reduce IT Spending through SAM and VRM

The true difference between larger companies’ approaches to reducing IT spending and smaller ones is Software Asset Management (SAM) and Vendor Relationship Management (VRM).

SAM and VRM are critical to reducing overall IT spending while still ensuring that employees have the tools they need to be successful. Even small companies can leverage the benefits!

TechTarget sites research by Alinean Inc. on company size vs. IT spending. The research reveals that small and medium-sized companies often outspend larger ones in IT dollars per employee. The average small company spends about 7% of its revenue on IT. Midsized companies spend about 4%. Larger companies spent just over 3% of revenue. With those kinds of dollars spent, even a 5% reduction in total software licensing and support costs could bring meaningful savings to any sized company.

Can Technology Solve this Problem?

It is understandable why there is so much focus on reducing IT spending. Companies are trying to grow but control costs related to software for their people to use and be as productive as possible. They are trying to do more with less. Access to data and communication software helps extend the workday, which improves productivity. Veriday list several ways to increase employee productivity using the software.

Other sites like Technology Money Savers list ways to reduce IT spending, but no one seems to want to take on the many tasks of SAM and VRM. Vendor management is rarely mentioned in most money savings articles but it is a critical factor in long-term savings.

Hellebore is here to help you start realizing your software savings potential.

Getting Started with Software Asset Management

The first three things most organizations want to address when acquiring software licenses are:

  • What do we license?
  • How many licenses do we need?
  • How much will they cost?

All of these are important questions, but they do not address the complexities of managing software assets. Professional SAM approaches go deeper, which is, in part, what helps them build savings for the organization.

Hellebore Can Help

There are countless ways to realize substantial savings when licensing software and managing software suppliers. At the heart of reducing IT spending, many questions are to be answered.

Let Hellebore build professional SAM and VRM into your business so you can start realizing savings while providing the best software for your team.


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