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Where People and Culture Come Together to Build Great Technology

Our blog finds its home at the intersection of technology, culture, and principles.  These articles are a great way to get to know our company, understand the value we bring, and learn something new in the process.

Why We Hire

It isn’t why you think. There are many companies out there hiring. They are growing and have positions to fill. The motivations seem obvious. Hellebore, though, hires for a different reason.

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Big Data: How Should I Store it?

When faced with the prospect of collecting large sets of data, you have to make a decision about how you’re going to store it. There are three things to consider before getting to the data analysis.

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Celero Micro-Benchmarking for C++

Throughout our Defense and Commercial Consulting engagements, a common theme continually turns up in design, code reviews, and watercooler talk: performance. 

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Reduce IT Spending through SAM and VRM

The true difference between larger companies’ approaches to reducing IT spending and smaller ones is Software Asset Management (SAM) and Vendor Relationship Management (VRM).

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Invest in Hiring Right

ThinkingInvest in Hiring RightHiring the best talent for your team is critical to succeed with clients and the long-standing success of your company. Hellebore has looked at strategies employed by several high-performance organizations and has developed a set of core...

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Legacy Software Modernization

There seems to be a continual tension in the software development lifecycle between upgrading to the latest development technologies and supporting legacy systems. Can a proper balance be found?

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Software Engineering Blooms in Dayton

ThinkingSoftware Engineering Blooms in DaytonWith a focus on providing scalable software engineering services in fields such as mission systems, modeling and simulation, machine learning, and automation; HCG recognizes that their clients require software that rejects...

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